Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Calls Ringing at 5.30pm

Well...as a Network Support Engineer, your main task is To reply as many mails you can,configure as many equipments you can, To arrange network migration the soonest,design the network occasionally & the most dazzling job is : To take as many calls as you can.

Do not "look down" on Elisa's hp. It's a Sony Ericsson Z610i with low battery usually.It is able to ring at least 20 times per day. And every call lasted roughly 10 minutes - 15 minutes.

You'll be able to get a voluble customers. Which you hardly even to utter a word. Or you may get soft spoken guys, which sounds 100 times more polite than you , and you hardly hear what is he saying. Most of all, you will get a person, which he tries so hard to tell you his problem but he actually did not know what is he saying in the end,even after describing after 10 minutes. And the funniest thing is : When there is no call, it means no call. When there is a call, the 2nd call will come in right together at the same time. And following by the 3rd, 4th,5th, back to the 1st caller, and take turns, especially near 5.30pm. Because human usually get nervous when they find out if the issues not solved before 5.30pm, the issue will continue to tomorrow. Thus, they decided to let us know the issue right on time - 5.30pm.

Elisa decided to make few enlightening & spiritual ringtones. So or not so, the calls will ring. *lol*

Yeah....this is what Elisa sees daily when she want to start her drive back from office to home.

Isn't it lovely? There is no sign of any human existence or even chirping birds. You may learn car parking skills,diagonally or horizontally.

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